Jobs timetable

Time Jobs
6:00AM Getup
6:30-7:15AM Prepare breakfast for Sir, Mum, Amy and yourself
8:O0-9:3OAM Clean the kitchen and the living room
(wash the dishes, clean countertop, sweep the floor and wipe the f’oor…) 9:45-11:OOAM Play with Amy
(teach Amy some English words, play games with Amy)
1l:OO-12:OOAM Prepare lunch for Mum, Amy and yourself
13:OO-16:OOPM daily routine
(iron clothes, sweep and mop the floor of rooms, dust the house, clean windows, clean toilet and balcony)
16:15-17:15PM Play with Amy and tefl stories to Amy
17:15- 18:OOPM Shopping in market or supermarket as instructed
18:OO-19:OOPM Prepare for dinner and the fruit or dissert after meal
19:OO-20:OOPM dinner
20:OO-21:OOPM Cleaning work
Kitchen (utensils, fridge, ventilation fan…, Etc)
21:OO-21:3OPM Take bath for Amy and wash the clothes for Amy
21:30-21:45PM Take bath yourself
22:OOPM Go to bed

Employer Requirements

(1) Take good care of the baby, never let the baby stay alone;
(2) Do not borrow money from employer and do not take anything out without the permission of the employer. Or you will be fired immediately.
(3) It is not allowed to take anyone home without permission and do not tell anyone the residence of our home.
(4) You will have one rest day every week and the time to rest is from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. And the day for you to rest is determined by the employer.
(5) Please always follow the command of the employer and do not argue or complain.
(6) Please keep the document, if you are required to purchase something outside.
(7) You will be paid on the 28tu1 of every month and the time is fixed, do not ask for any prepay.
(8) For every meal, you need to take care of the baby first and have meal after the employers finish their meals.
(9) You are not allowed to eat those food at home without the permission of employer.
(10)It is not allowed to call your friends during your working hour.
(11)For washing clothes, the baby’s clothes need to wash by hand every day and it is quite important. What is more, you need to wash your clothes separately in the washing machine. You can use washing machine twice every week, Tuesday and Friday. It is not allowed to put an underware or socks into the washing machine.
(12)Please purchase your own tooth brush, tooth paste and towel. We do not want to share any personally stuff with others.
(13)lt is not allowed to watch tv or listen to music during your working hour.
(14)The job as domestic helper should be your only job in Hong Kong and do not borrow or pledge your passport, ID to anyone else.
(15)You need to take bath every day and the time for taking bath should be within 15 minutes. (16)Sirtce the living environment in Hong Kong is not very good, you will not have your own room
and you should normally sleep in the living room. But sometimes when the relatives of the employers come home and there is no space, you need to sleep in the kitchen.
(17)We will take you to mainland China from time to time.
(18)We will have camera at home, which is for the grandparents to watch the baby.
(19)We will review your performance once every year and adjust your salary according to your performance.